CO2 & Methane

22/11-2021: The Conversation

Electric cars aren’t enough to hit climate targets: we need to develop better public transport too

From buses in Bogotá to cycling through Cambridge, we can learn valuable lessons from how countries across the world deliver sustainable transport

20/11-2021: RealClimate

Net Zero/Not Zero

At the COP26 gathering last week much of the discussion related to “Net-Zero” goals

18/11-2021: The Conversation

We must rapidly decarbonise road transport – but hydrogen’s not the answer

We need to rapidly reduce global emissions before 2030. Developing hydrogen for low-emissions road transport won’t happen fast enough

18/11-2021: The Guardian

Revealed: the places humanity must not destroy to avoid climate chaos

Tiny proportion of world’s land surface hosts carbon-rich forests and peatlands that would not recover before 2050 if lost

17/11-2021: Eurekalert

Natural feedback or human activities? A new study points to agricultural and industrial sources as the main cause to the soaring atmospheric methane

Climate change is causing rapid warming in the arctic and tropical regions where natural wetland store large pools of carbon and emit methane

16/11-2021: The Conversation

We can’t let markets decide the future of removing carbon from the atmosphere

Removing carbon from the atmosphere raises political questions that should be addressed by democratic institutions

04/11-2021: The Coversation

Global emissions almost back to pre-pandemic levels after unprecedented drop in 2020, new analysis shows

Most concerning is the long-term upward trends of CO₂ emissions form burning fossil fuels, which are far from trending towards net-zero by 2050

03/11-2021: Inside Climate Nerws

New Report Expects Global Emissions of Carbon Dioxide to Rebound to Pre-Pandemic High This Year

Coal use is resurging, particularly in China and India, pushing emissions toward the all-time high, despite the Covid-driven drop in oil consumption

13/10-2021: The Guardian

Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

International Energy Agency says $4tn investment needed over decade to reach net zero target