08/05-2022: The Conversation

The window of opportunity to address increasing drought and expanding drylands is vanishing

If the world overshoots its climate targets, drought could cause dryland areas to expand by a quarter and encompass half the Earth’s land area, threatening lives and livelihoods

11/04-2022: The Guardian

Chile announces unprecedented plan to ration water as drought enters 13th year

Rivers that supply Santiago with water are running low, forcing rotating cuts to different parts of the city

01/04-2022: EurekAlert

‘Flash droughts’ coming on faster, global study shows

Just like flash floods, flash droughts come on fast — drying out soil in a matter of days to weeks

01/04-2022: The Guardian

Europe faces a future of extreme droughts

Mitigation and adaptation measures are going to be crucial for future farming on the continent

24/02-2022: The Guardian

‘We can’t make it rain’: California farmers left out to dry as US government allots no water

The move marks the fourth time in the last decade that farmers in California didn’t receive water from the Central Valley Project

15/02-2022: The Guardian

US west ‘megadrought’ is worst in at least 1,200 years, new study says

Human-caused climate change significant driver of destructive conditions as even drier decades lie ahead, researchers say

08/01-2022: Nature

Brazil is in water crisis — it needs a drought plan

To avoid crop failures and soaring power costs, Brazil needs to diversify sources, monitor soil moisture, model local hydroclimate dynamics and treat water as a national security priority

16/12-2021: The Guardian

The climate crisis and devastating drought in eastern Africa - podcast

For three consecutive rainy seasons, the eastern Horn of Africa has experienced poor rainfall. Confounded by Covid-19 and desert locust invasions, millions are now facing starvation across parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia

18/11-2021: EurekAlert

Groundwater in California’s Central Valley may be unable to recover from past and future droughts

Water resources could be pushed beyond recovery in a region that provides about a quarter of the US food supply

11/11-2021: The Guardian

Madagascar is drying out – there’s no harvest, only hunger

A doctor in the south of the country says people are eating cactus leaves and ashes as the rains become more erratic