Ekstremt Vejr 2020

Ekstremt Vejr 2020

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14/12-2020: Heavy rain and damaging winds have pounded Queensland and northern NSW, causing severe damage to Byron Bay's famous Clarkes beach and whipping other beaches into foam. There were more than 50 calls for help overnight to the NSW State Emergency Service

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03/12-2020: Powerful winds pushed and tinder-dry brush escalated a house fire into a huge bushfire in southern California canyons early on Thursday. Residents were forced to evacuate to hotels or to stay with friends and family, as no congregate shelter was offered due to the coronavirus outbreak in the area. The Bond fire exploded in size throughout the night near the same area of October’s Silverado fire

17/11-2020: Huge waves crash into San Andres in Colombia, as Hurricane Iota churns through the region, lashing Nicaragua with winds of up to 155mph. • This video was amended on 17 November 2020 to remove unrelated footage that had been mistakenly included in a report by the Associated Press

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06/11-2020: Storm Eta has unleashed torrential rain, causing catastrophic landslides and flooding in Central America. Dozens of people have been killed and more than 300,000 displaced after raging torrents tore through cities. Eta, one of the fiercest storms to hit Central America in years, struck Nicaragua as a category 4 hurricane on Tuesday with 150mph (241kph) winds, before weakening as it moved inland and into neighbouring Honduras.

02/11-2020: Super typhoon Goni brought intense rains and caused heavy flooding killing at least 10 people and causing volcanic mudflows to bury houses. Video shows a river with strong currents overflowing its broken concrete embankment in the southern part of the Philippines' main island of Luzon. Goni is the world's strongest storm so far this year with winds reaching up to 225kph (140 miles per hour) and gusts of up to 310kph (190mph) as it continues to cross the main island

27/10-2020: Severe thunderstorms, destructive winds and record rainfall have hit parts of New South Wales and Queensland. Heavy rain soaked some areas around Sydney and the north coast with more than 100mm within 24 hours. Almost 29,000 homes in south-east Queensland were left without power due to wild thunderstorms and winds

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09/10-2020: Hurricane Delta is set to land in Louisiana tonight. CNBC's Shepard Smith is tracking the storm and explains the significance of this storm.

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04/10-2020: French and Italian rescue services have stepped up search efforts after floods cut off several villages near the two countries’ border, causing widespread damage. Eight people were unaccounted for on the French side of the border after storms, torrential rain and flash floods washed away homes and roads and triggered landslides.
Rescue efforts stepped up after floods kill two near France-Italy border.

01/10-2020: A destructive wildfire is being driven by strong winds through wine country north of San Francisco in California. The Glass fire burned through Napa and Sonoma counties burning down buildings including wineries in the area. The fire began Sunday as three fires merged and drove into vineyards and mountain areas, including part of the city of Santa Rosa. Around 70,000 people were under evacuation orders

19/09-2020: Torrential rain and gale-force winds have left a trail of destruction across parts of western and central Greece. Ianos, a rare Mediterranean hurricane, caused widespread flooding and power cuts, spurring the government to declare a state of emergency on Friday. An estimated 5,000 properties were said to have been flooded in the city of Karditsa alone

11/09-2020: Footage shot over Eagle Point shows flattened residential areas after nearly 100 major wildfires ripped through the US west. At least three people have been killed in Oregon with the governor, Kate Brown, warning that the state faces further hardship as authorities battle to contain the blazes

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25/08-2020: Winds of up to 70mph and heavy rainfall battered much of the UK and Ireland as Storm Francis made landfall on Monday. The unseasonably wet and windy spell brought flooding and travel disruption. The Met Office issued a yellow warning, saying severe gales were forecast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

02/08-2020: Thousands of residents in southern California were forced to evacuate as a wildfire in mountains east of Los Angeles exploded in size. The 'Apple fire' burned 60sq km of dry brush and timber after two blazes converged on Friday. Firefighters continue to battle the fire, with dangerously hot weather conditions forecast to carry on

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10/07-2020: Massive floods have hit several provinces along China’s Yangtze River, where rainfall in the middle and lower reaches of the waterway has hit the second-highest levels recorded during the July 1 to 7 period since 1961. Extreme weather across the country has also forced some areas to postpone all-important national college entrance exams known as gaokao. A key reservoir in the eastern province of Zhejiang has opened all nine of its spillways for the first time after flood-control levels were exceeded because of heavy rain and floods further upstream in Anhui province.

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04/07-2020: Japan floods: nursing home residents feared dead.

At least two people die as record heavy rain lashes Japan.

Record heavy rain in western Japan has caused widespread flooding and landslides, forcing authorities to issue evacuation orders for more than 76,000 residents. Television footage shows homes and vehicles in Kumamoto prefecture partly submerged, and several bridges have been washed away.

20/05-2020: The Bay of Bengal’s fiercest storm this century, super-cyclone Amphan, has slammed into the coast of eastern India and Bangladesh, bringing heavy gales and the threat of deadly storm surges and flooding. Over 2 million people have been evacuated from their homes Subscribe to Guardian

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07/05-2020: Heavy rains in Kenya have caused floods and landslides that have left 194 dead and destroyed crops since the deluge began last month, complicating the fight against the #coronavirus. The flooding comes after similarly deadly rainfall at the end of 2019, and brings with it a second wave of locusts with massive swarms forming in the country and elsewhere in East Africa. So far, 194 people have been killed by floods and related hazards, and crops running into 8,000 acres (3,240 hectares) have also been swept away.

13/04-2020: A tornado strike destroyed homes and left a trail of devastation across large parts of the US south on Sunday. In northern Louisiana, up to 300 homes and other buildings were damaged, and utility companies reported thousands of power outages. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency confirmed at least six deaths in the state from the severe weather Tornadoes and storms hit US south as six killed in Mississippi

09/04-2020: Tropical Cyclone Harold lashed the South Pacific island of Vanuatu , ripping off roofs and downing telecommunications, before moving towards Fiji and Tonga. The powerful cyclone made landfall on Monday in Sana province, an island north of Vanuatu's capital Port Vila, with winds as high as 235 kilometres an hour. Aerial videos showed buildings with missing roofs, with some flattened to the ground from the impact of the cyclone. The weather system weaken slightly as it moved towards Fiji but still brought high winds and flooding before moving towards Tonga

01/03-2020: Storm Jorge brought winds of up to 70mph and torrential downpours to the UK over the weekend, bringing the country's wettest February on record to an end Storm Jorge disruption continues after wettest UK February on record

16/02-2020: Storm Dennis has hit England and Wales creating severe flooding especially in South Wales where officials have warned conditions are 'life-threatening'. Streets have been evacuated by lifeboat in some of the worst-hit areas and people moved to emergency rescue centres after their properties and businesses were devastated by water from overflowing rivers

09/02-2020: Devastating storms have swept through eastern New South Wales, forcing flood evacuations and leaving more than 100,000 people without power. Locals took to social media to document the huge swells, flooded streets and overflowing rivers and creeks. A severe weather warning was issued on Sunday for the entire NSW coast and will remain in place on Monday Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► http://bit.ly/guardianwiressub

03/02-2020: Fiordland in New Zealand’s South Island has been deluged by 1.1 metres of rain in the past three days alone, stranding hikers, causing landslides and washing away roads. The region usually receives about 10 metres of rain a year. Video from helicopters shows the extent of the destruction. Nearly 400 people in the township of Milford Sound have been cut off by the flooding after roads had to be closed

25/01-2020: ▶️ Heavy rains caused flooding and landslides in southeast Brazil on Saturday, January 25, killing at least 11 people, according to authorities. 👉 Two people died Saturday in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state in the southeast of the country, civil defense officials said. A total of 11 people have died in the state since Friday, they said. More rain is expected in Minas Gerais, as well as other parts of Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. (AP)

24/01-2020: The Spanish government is holding an emergency meeting Friday after an unusual winter storm caused death and destruction on its Mediterranean coast. The death toll in Spain rose to 11 on Thursday, the fifth day of the storm, which has also caused floods in southern France. VOA Zlatica Hoke reports. Originally published at - https://morigin.voanews.eu/

20/01-2020: Over the last seven days, south-eastern Australia has experienced a variety of extreme weather events. Major cities have been blanketed in bushfire smoke, while flash-flooding, dust storms and golf ball-sized hailstones have wreaked havoc in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria

18/01-2020: A massive winter blizzard that buried Newfoundland in snow and cut power to thousands of homes has prompted the government of the island's capital St John's to declare a state of emergency

03/01-2020: Flash floods in Indonesia's capital city have left more than 40 people dead and forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. The worst monsoon rains in more than a decade deluged Jakarta, and rising rivers submerged at least 182 neighbourhoods. Jakarta is the world's fastest-sinking city, caused by rising sea levels and extreme weather - both worsened by climate change. At least 30 killed as flash floods hit Indonesian capital

02/01-2020: Madeleine Kelly, 17, and her family were among people staying in Rosedale, a tiny coastal town 300km south of Sydney, when they were forced to flee to the beach ahead of huge bushfires on New Year's Eve. The fires destroyed numerous properties in the town as horrified onlookers watched. The fire's onslaught was halted when the wind changed, but people remained on the beach for hours afterwards before they could be evacuated to Moruya showgrounds by bus through the devastated town