Ekstremt Vejr 2019

Ekstremt Vejr 2019

En Video-fortælling

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Den seneste og sidste video på denne side er naturligvis også fra Australien, der oplever en af de værste naturkatastrofer i 2019 som følge af de menneskeskabte klimaændringer. Og katastrofen er langt fra slut, idet der er to måneder tilbage af denne sommer på den sydlige halvkugle. Se godt på videoerne - Europa kan blive næste offer for omfattende naturbrande som følge af den globale overophedning.

30/12-2019: Thousands have sought safety in the lake and ocean in a coastal town in Victoria's East Gippsland, fleeing an out-of-control bushfire. Extreme winds and embers have been threatening the CBD and access roads have been cut. The fire had reached the northern end of the town on Tuesday morning and about 4,000 people fled to the coastline, with Country Fire Authority members working to protect them. The town had not been told to evacuate on Sunday when the rest of East Gippsland was, and authorities decided it was too dangerous to move them on Monday

21/12-2019: Catastrophic conditions have been declared as bushfires sweep across parts of New South Wales and South Australia.  The death toll and number of injured firefighters has risen as a severe heatwave continues. Two people were confirmed dead in South Australia on Saturday, homes were destroyed and communities evacuated as the prime minister, Scott Morrison, was due to return to Australia after cutting short a family holiday to Hawaii Australian bushfires: death toll rises as fires sweep across NSW and South Australia

18/12-2019: Two volunteer firefighters have been killed fighting blazes south-west of Sydney in a worsening bushfire crisis facing Australia. A seven day state of emergency was called in New South Wales, with more than 100 fires burning across the state and only half of then contained. Record high temperatures across have exacerbated the already dry conditions. South Australia is also preparing for devastating fires amidst the heat and drought. Sydney has again be blanked in bushfire smoke, triggering protests outside prime minister Scott Morrison’s Sydney residence

07/10-2019: Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls have slowed down to a trickle after an unprecedented decline in water levels, officials have said. Data from the Zambezi River Authority showed water flow at its lowest since 1995, and well under the long term average. Zambian President Edgar Lungu said it was a stark reminder of what climate change is doing to our environment, yet some scientists are cautious about categorically blaming the climate crisis. Harald Kling, a hydrologist at engineering firm Poyry and a Zambezi river expert, said climate science dealt in decades, not particular years, “so it’s sometimes difficult to say this is because of climate change because droughts have always occurred”.

05/12-2019: Vision captured by the Ingleburn fire and rescue crew shows the moment the Green Wattle Creek bushfire crowns in the Oakdale/Nattai region, south-west of Sydney. Crowning is when a bushfire moves from treetop to treetop, burning above the ground.

‘The video was put up to demonstrate why you need to listen to the fire advisory system,’ the Ingleburn station said on its Facebook page. ‘If your property is not prepared for the bush fire season and you’re not sure you are able or capable of defending your property if a fire approaches you need to leave straight away.’ No crew members were injured as they escaped the flames.

11/11-2019: A volunteer firefighter Dan Boswood has captured just how difficult the fire conditions have been in mid-north Queensland. A wind vortex spirals out of control amid a raging fire, flinging debris and embers around erratically. The video was taken at Lake Mary, west of Yeppoon

08/11-2019: Members of Fire and Rescue NSW's Kincumber station brave the flames in Harrington, NSW, along with members of the Warringah/Pittwater headquarters rural fire brigade in Rainbow Flat. More than 80 bushfires have engulfed parts of northern NSW and southern Queensland

25/10-2019: A wind-driven wildfire has forced evacuations north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. The blaze near Geyserville had grown to 15 sq miles (39 sq km) by early Thursday, according to the state firefighting agency Cal Fire. Winds around the county's highest areas were blowing at speeds of up to 70mph, and elsewhere in the region between 30mph and 50mph, the National Weather Service said

12/10-2019: Japan has been engulfed by heavy rain and strong winds as what is feared to be the worst storm for six decades batters the country and approaches Tokyo. Rivers swelled, boats flipped over and seas were whipped up by Typhoon Hagibis. The storm is expected to hit the capital later on Saturday

23/09-2019: Eerie red skies have covered parts of Indonesia as the country's haze crisis caused by forest fires worsened. The region has been covered in thick blankets of smog for the past two weeks after farmers began burning waste crops on agricultural land. Footage from Jambi province shows the terrifying apocalyptic scene with locals having to cover their faces with masks and the streets deserted.

20/09-2019: We will not silently accept our extinction! We will stand up and dance! Are you ready to play your part?

12/09-2019: Parts of eastern Spain have received what in some places was the heaviest rainfall on record, as storms wreaked widespread destruction and killed at least two people. One of the first places to be hit was Ontinyent, south of Valencia, where almost 300mm fell in 24 hours, the heaviest rainfall recorded there since 1917

09/09-2019: One of the strongest typhoons to hit the Japanese capital in recent years made landfall just east of Tokyo on Monday, bringing record-breaking winds, stinging rain and sending some rivers close to the top of their banks. About 5,000 people in Chiba and nearby Kanagawa prefecture were ordered to evacuate and more than 100 flights were cancelled and scores of train lines were closed.

03/09-2019: The storm has stalled over the Bahamas, lashing the islands with wind, rain and storm surges, and killing at least five people. Thousands of homes were inundated with floodwater as rescue operations tried to reach stranded residents, many trapped on roofs. Dorian has now weakened to a category-2 hurricane but expanded in size as it heads towards the US.

26/08-2019: The streets of Madrid have been turned into rivers as flash-flooding and hail inundate Spain’s capital. One of the worst affected neighbourhoods was Arganda del Rey where cars were washed away in the torrents of water while huge piles of hail built up along some streets. The Spanish subway department declared several metro stations and highways closed because of the destructive impact of the weather. But Madrid wasn't the only city to be affected by the intense weather – about 300 miles (500km) south, an ominous tornado hovered over the town of Campillos

25/08-2019: As the world turns its attention to the fires in Brazil’s Amazon, wild fires are wreaking havoc on neighbouring Bolivia. Intense blazes have burned unabated across vast swathes of hilly tropical forest and savannah near Bolivia's border with Paraguay and Brazil. At least 1 million hectares, or approximately 3,800 square miles, have been impacted. Bolivian president Evo Morales refused international help to battle the fires for weeks but has since changed his position.

23/08-2019: Indigenous people in Brazil have vowed to protect their land as large swathes of the Amazon forest continue to burn. The largest rainforest in the world absorbs billions of tonnes of CO2 every year, slowing the pace of global heating. It is also home to about 3m species of plants and animals and a million people.

08/08-2019: Icy winds of up to 120km/h, snow, wild surf and rain continued to lash South Australia, Victoria and parts of New South Wales on Friday morning, grounding flights in Sydney and Melbourne and even breaking the Frankston pier from its moorings.

26/07-2019: The Arctic Circle is suffering from an unprecedented number of wildfires in the latest sign of a climate crisis. With some blazes the size of 100,000 football pitches, vast areas in Siberia, Alaska and Greenland are engulfed in flames. The World Meteorological Organisation has said these fires emitted as much carbon dioxide in a month as the whole of Sweden does in a year

14/07-2019: Thousands of homes have been left without power after Storm Barry battered parts of Louisiana early Sunday. The storm flooded highways, forced people to scramble to rooftops, and dumped heavy rain as it made landfall 160 miles west of New Orleans. Authorities have warned of disastrous flooding across the Gulf Coast.

11/07-2019: Six people have been killed and dozens more injured in fierce storms in northern Greece. Strong winds and hail hit the popular Halkidiki region near the city of Thessaloniki late on Wednesday. Television footage showed overturned cars, fallen trees, torn roofs and mudslides.The freak storm lasted about 20 minutes, according to witnesses interviewed by the state broadcaster ERT.

01/07-2019: Vehicles have been buried under several feet of hail after a severe storm in the western city. About 50 cars were swept away by an icy flash flood and several hundred buildings were reportedly damaged by hailstones

28/06-2019: Firefighters in Catalonia battled one of the biggest wildfires in 20 years on Friday as temperatures in parts of Spain were expected to hit a new June record of 43C. With Europe in the grip of an extreme heatwave, the fires burned across 6,500 hectares of land. Footage from a helicopter shows the extent of the damage caused

17/06-2019: France will declare a state of natural disaster after rain and hail storms lashed a swathe of the south-east on Saturday, devastating crops. The flash storms, which brought hailstones as big as pingpong balls to some areas, killed two people in France and Switzerland, and injured at least 10 others

14/06-2019: A landslide sweeps across a road in China's Fujian province, in the south-east, pushing cars before it. Days of rain have caused havoc, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and submerging vast swathes of farmland. More than 60 people are feared dead.

28/05-2019: A rapid fire-line of apparent tornadoes tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, killing one and injuring dozens in a wave packed so closely together that one crossed the path carved by another. In and around Dayton, Ohio, more than 40 people were hospitalised for storm-related injuries. Tornadoes rip through Indiana and Ohio leaving one dead and many injured

03-05-2019: Cyclone Fani, the most severe storm to hit the Indian subcontinent in two decades, has made landfall on the coast of the eastern state of Odisha, where officials were trying to evacuate the homes of 1 million people in its path.

05/02-2019: Queensland Rail has released a timelapse video showing severe flooding at Corella Creek from 30 January to 5 February during the north Queensland floods

03/02-2019: The Black Weir along the Ross River is inundated after heavy rains forced the floodgates of the city's Ross River dam

30/01-2019: A blast of Arctic air from the polar vortex has meant temperatures (with wind chill) are set to drop to as low as -46C (-50F) in Chicago. Cities in the midwest opened warming shelters as temperatures plummeted well below zero. The Illinois governor warned the weather 'poses a serious threat' to people's wellbeing. The polar vortex, a mass of freezing air, usually spins around the north pole

11/01-2019: Heavy snowfall has caused chaos in Germany and Austria, as both countries remain on high alert. Several people have died in weather-related incidents. Troops have been deployed to help residents and helicopters are clearing snow from trees to stop it from falling on cars.