07/12-2021: Nature

Build solar-energy systems to last — save billions

To withstand extreme weather, rapid innovation and rock-bottom prices, solar installations need tighter quality control, standards and testing

05/12-2021: The Guardian

Rio Tinto lithium mine: thousands of protesters block roads across Serbia

Crowds chanted slogans condemning government of Aleksandar Vučić, which backs planned Anglo-Australian $2.4bn mine

29/11-2021: Nature

The ocean’s nuclear energy reserve

Oceanic uranium represents a vast fuel resource that could ensure the long-term sustainability of nuclear power

19/11-2021: The Guardian

Rio Tinto’s past casts a shadow over Serbia’s hopes of a lithium revolution

People in the Jadar valley fear environmental catastrophe as Europe presses for self-sufficiency in battery technology

08/11-2021: The Guardian

John Oliver on the US power grid: ‘It’s not failing us, we are failing it’

The Last Week Tonight host digs into the strains – age, climate change, neglect – on the grid and urges prioritizing its upkeep