18/05-2022: The Conversation

Bad news for the 2022 hurricane season: The Loop Current, a fueler of monster storms, is looking a lot like it did in 2005, the year of Katrina

With La Niña helping cleathe wafor a busy hurricane season, this wide current of warm water could spell disaster for the northern Gulf Coast

09/05-2022: The Guardian

Climate limit of 1.5C close to being broken, scientists warn

The probability of one of the next five years surpassing the limit is now 50%, up from 20% in 2020

21/04-2022: WMO

South Africa declares state of emergency after deadly rains

The disaster underlines once again the increasing hazards posed by intense rainfall in a changing climate and the need for impact-based early warnings which reach everyone

14/04-2022: The Conversation

Local knowledge adds value to mapping flood risk in South Africa’s informal settlements

Flooding is arguably even more problematic in informal settlements because of the lack of planning

08/04-2022: Nature

Projections of faster onset and slower decay of El Niño in the 21st century

The El Niño - Southern Oscillation can have global impacts, therefore assessing its future occurrence is needed

29/03-2022: The Atlantic

A Recipe for Climate Disaster

Extreme rain, rising sea levels, and more frequent wildfires are all making landslides more likely

22/03-2022: The Conversation

Record-smashing heatwaves are hitting Antarctica and the Arctic simultaneously. Here’s what’s driving them, and how they’ll impact wildlife

This seemingly one-off heatwave may be a harbinger for the future under climate change

14/03-2022: EurekAlert

Two extremes at the same time

Precipitation trends determine how often droughts and heat waves will occur together

03/03-2022: The Conversation

Climate change: IPCC scientists on the narrowing window to adapt

Plus, a section of a rocket is about to crash on the Moon. What scientists hope to learn from it. Listen to The Conversation Weekly podcast

03/03-2022: The Conversation

Stalled weather: how stuck air pressure systems drive floods and heatwaves

When bad weather stops moving, the outlook can get dire for the areas in its path

02/03-2022: The Guardian

NSW floods: almost 500,000 people across greater Sydney under evacuation orders or warnings

Flood warnings are in place for Hawkesbury-Nepean, while an east coast low is moving towards the Hunter region bringing damaging winds and high surf

27/02-2022: The Guardian

Flood waters surge across Brisbane and south-east Queensland as ‘rain bomb’ threatens lives

Heavy rainfall expected to continue overnight, with northern New South Wales next in the line of fire

18/02-2022: The Conversation

Why Storm Eunice is so severe – and will violent wind storms become more common?

Sting jets are poorly understood, but could have a big influence on Britain’s future winter storms

04/02-2022: WMO

Cyclone Batsirai hits Madagascar

Tropical cyclone Batsirai made landfall in Madagascar on 5 February, bringing devastating winds, rainfall and flooding to the Indian Ocean nation which is still struggling with the aftermath of a previous tropical storm, Ana

04/02-2022: The Energy Mix

Exclusive: Catastrophic flooding drives down homes value makes them harder to sell

Catastrophic flooding in five Canadian cities has driven down the selling price of homes by 8.2%, reduced the number of houses listed for sale by nearly half, and increased the average time it takes to sell a house by nearly 20%

02/02-2022: The Conversation

Why a warming climate can bring bigger snowstorms

Winters are getting warmer, yet Bostonians were digging out from nearly 2 feet of snow from a historic blizzard in late January. Why is the Northeast seeing more big snowstorms like this?

27/01-2022: The Conversation

What is a bomb cyclone? An atmospheric scientist explains

The key ingredients for a storm to undergo bombogenesis are an unstable atmosphere, temperature differences and high-speed winds in the upper atmosphere

26/01-2022: Climate Central

Shrinking Cold Snaps

From 1970 to 2021, the longest winter cold snaps shrunk for 97% of the 244 U.S. locations analyzed—a winter trend that can have year-round impacts

10/01-2022: Climate Central

U.S. Temperatures and Billion-Dollar Disasters

2021 was the 4th hottest year on record for the U.S. We were also hit with a staggering 20 billion-dollar disasters

07/01-2022: The Guardian

‘Drastic’ rise in high Arctic lightning has scientists worried

The region’s air typically doesn’t suit strikes – so they have become an important climate crisis indicator

05/01-2022: The Guardian

Revisiting Greenville: the mountain town destroyed by California’s largest wildfire

Four months after the Dixie fire wiped away more than a century of history in a town of 1,100 in just half an hour, the majority of residents are still displaced

01/01-2022 The Guardian

We lost everything’: Colorado wildfires destroy hundreds of homes

The fire destroyed at least 500 structures, mostly homes, and more than 30,000 people fled or were evacuated

31/12-2021: The Guardian

24C in Spain, 15C in the Alps: oddly warm end to 2021 in parts of Europe

Records broken in Bilbao and Segovia, and avalanche warnings in Alps where it is too warm even for fake snow

30/12-2021: The Guardian

‘Extraordinary is no longer extraordinary’: US scientists on a year of climate disasters

In the summer, we spoke to four experts about the record-breaking heatwave that scorched the western US and Canada. As the year ends they share their hopes and fears for the future

29/12-2021: The Guardian

Alaska sets record high December temperature of 19.4C

The island community of Kodiak set the record on Sunday and scientists fear the population will be deluged with rain as climate warms

28/12-2021: WMO

2021: Meeting the challenge of extreme weather

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the past seven years are on track to be the seven warmest on record

28/12-2021: Scientific American

The Five Biggest Climate Stories of 2021

Climate-fueled disasters raged around the globe while international action fell short of ambitions

28/12-2021: The Guardian

Western US states hit by record freeze and heavy snow

Severe weather brings record low temperatures in Seattle and huge snowfalls in California and Nevada

21/12-2021: The Conversation

2021’s climate disasters revealed an east-west weather divide, with one side of the country too wet, the other dangerously dry

US disasters in 2021 told a tale of two climate extremes. A climate scientist explains why wet areas are getting wetter and dry areas drier

17/12-2021: The Guardian

Warmer winters can wreak as much havoc as hotter summers, say scientists

Warmer winters are happening across the globe, and can be drivers of catastrophic weather events and profound changes

14/12-2021: The Conversation

Smoke, heat and stress: A snapshot from Southern California of life in an altered climate

Southern California is on the front line of climate change, and recent survey data shows that residents are feeling its effects in many ways

13/12-2021: The Conversation

Tornadoes and climate change: What a warming world means for deadly twisters and the type of storms that spawn them

Climate models can’t see tornadoes, but they can recognize the conditions for tornadoes to form. An atmospheric scientist explains what that means for forecasting future risks

12/12-2021: The Conversation

Why the southern US is prone to December tornadoes

Tornadoes in December aren’t unusual in the Gulf Coast and lower Mississippi Valley states, but the Dec. 10-11 outbreak was extreme and far-reaching

12/12-2021: The Guardian

Kentucky tornadoes: up to 100 feared dead in historic US storms

Amid more than 20 tornadoes that caused devastation across central and southern states, one may be the longest in US history

06/12-2021: EurekAlert

Too dry, too hot, or too wet: Increasing weather persistence in European summer

In our study, we show that persistent weather conditions have an increasing similarity in summer over the North Atlantic, Europe and Siberia, favoring more pronounced extreme weather events

01/12-2021: WMO

Active 2021 Atlantic hurricane season officially ends

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season officially concluded on 30 November. It was so active that, for the second consecutive year, it exhausted the regular list of names from WMO’s rotating list

30/11-2021: Nature

New climate models reveal faster and larger increases in Arctic precipitation than previously projected

Climate models show switch will happen decades faster than previously thought, with ‘profound’ implications

26/11-2021: The Guardian

Blowing the house down: life on the frontline of extreme weather in the Gambia

A storm took the roof off Binta Bah’s house before torrential rain destroyed her family’s belongings, as poverty combines with the climate crisis to wreak havoc on Africa’s smallest mainland country

25/11-2021: The Energy Mix

Epic Storms on Two Coasts Have Parliament Talking Climate Action, Adaptation

With Canada’s East Coast grappling with the effects of an “unprecedented” storm and British Columbia on alert for another 10 days of heavy weather, the House of Commons held an emergency debate Wednesday night that focused largely on the country’s poor state of readiness for climate impacts

19/11-2021: The Conversation

Canada’s flood havoc after summer heatwave shows how climate disasters combine to do extra damage

Compound climate disasters are likely to become more common as the Earth warms