16/05-2022: The Guardian

Unusually high temperatures to hit western Europe this week

Analysis: Highs likely to reach mid-30s celsius in Spain and France, 10C above normal, and may break 40C

16/05-2022: WMO

Successive heatwaves in India and Pakistan highlight role of early warnings

Extreme heat has once again gripped large parts of India and Pakistan, impacting hundreds of millions of people in one of the most densely populated parts of the world

11/05-2022: The Conversation

Climate breakdown: even if we miss the 1.5°C target we must still fight to prevent every single increment of warming

Every tenth of a degree makes climate change significantly worse

06/05-2022: The Conversation

A climate scientist on India and Pakistan’s horror heatwave, and the surprising consequences of better air quality

This long, uncharacteristically early heatwave has hit hundreds of millions of people in one of the world’s most densely populated and vulnerable regions

04/05-2022: The Conversation

India heatwave: why the region should prepare for even more extreme heat in the near future

The current heatwave isn’t even a huge outlier compared to normal temperatures

29/04-2022: The Guardian

India and Pakistan heatwaves likely to become more severe, say scientists

Average maximum temperature for March across India was highest since records began 122 years ago

28/04-2022: BBC News

Heatwave in India leaves millions struggling to cope

Millions of Indians are experiencing a brutal heatwave that is throwing lives and livelihoods out of gear - and there is no relief in sight

22/03-2022: The Conversation

Record-smashing heatwaves are hitting Antarctica and the Arctic simultaneously. Here’s what’s driving them, and how they’ll impact wildlife

This seemingly one-off heatwave may be a harbinger for the future under climate change

20/03-2022: The Guardian

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists

Antarctic areas reach 40C above normal at same time as north pole regions hit 30C above usual levels

16/02-2022: The Conversation

Western Sydney will swelter through 46 days per year over 35°C by 2090, unless emissions drop significantly

Such a dramatic rise in extreme heat days is not inevitable. If global warming is limited to 1.5℃ this century, Western Sydney will have fewer than 17 days of 35℃ per year

10/02-2022: The Conversation

Heat waves hit the poor hardest – a new study calculates the rising impact on those least able to adapt to the warming climate

The risk from heat waves is about more than intensity  being able to cool off is essential, and that’s hard to find in many low-income areas of the world

06/02-2022: The Guardian

A third of Americans are already facing above-average warming

Temperatures in 499 counties across west, northeast and upper midwest US have already breached 1.5C (2.7F)

20/01-2022: The Conversation

2021 was one of the hottest years on record – and it could also be the coldest we’ll ever see again

2021 was the sixth hottest year on record, despite the cooling effect of back-to-back La Niñas. Let’s reflect on the year that was, and what we can expect for this year and beyond

13/01-2022: The Conversation

This WA town just topped 50℃ – a dangerous temperature many Australians will have to get used to

Extreme heat over 50℃ is likely to become more common, giving us yet another reason for Australia to act fast on climate change

10/01-2022: The Energy Mix

Outdoor Workers at Risk as Multiple, Extreme Heat Waves Become New Normal

Very soon, extreme heat waves could cease to be world news and become merely worldwide

06/01-2022: The Energy Mix

2022 Shapes Up Among Warmest Years Ever

As meteorologists forecast another dangerously warm year ahead, more data is in on just how hot the planet got over the last 18 months, with particularly dire news coming from the Arctic and the Himalayas

06/01-2022: Nature

Warm weather increases emergency room visits

High ambient temperatures are associated with adverse health effects and increased death

17/12-2021: The Guardian

Deforestation making outdoor work unsafe for millions, says study

Rise in temperatures and humidity linked to forest loss has reduced safe hours for working in the tropics

14/12-2021: Science

The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the world

An important climatic indicator has been misreported by a factor of two

29/11-2021: The Guardian

‘Confronting’: Great Barrier Reef faces frequent extreme coral bleaching at 2C heating, research finds

Even if warming is kept to 1.5C, bleaching would hit more than three times a decade, study predicts

29/11-2021: EurekAlert

Why we must avoid temperature overshoot

A new international study coordinated by IIASA shows how near-term mitigation can help to prevent an overshoot in global temperatures, thereby reducing climate risks and bringing long-term economic gains

25/11-2021: The Conversation

Even if we halt global warming, local climates will change – and we need new experiments to understand how

We need new experiments to model Earth’s climate if global warming is stabilised at 1.5℃. A new paper explains why

24/11-2021: EurekAlert

Extreme heat may affect young and middle-aged adults more than the elderly

A new study found that days of extreme heat were associated with a higher risk of emergency department visits among adults aged 18-64, compared to adults over 75

21/11-2021: The Guardian

Floods and wildfires are now normal life in small-town Canada

Locals traumatised by the scorching heat of the summer are having to rebuild their lives once again after massive flooding

10/11-2021: The Conversation

Extreme heat hurts human health. Its effects must be mitigated – urgently

Many of the temperatures presently being recorded in Africa, and those projected in the next decade, are already close to the limits of human survival, or “liveability”

10/11-2021: WMO

Climate change increases threats in South West Pacific

Sea surface temperatures and ocean heat in parts of the South-West Pacific are increasing at more than three times the global average rate

09/11-2021: The Guardian

Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report

Research from world’s top climate analysis coalition contrasts sharply with last week’s optimism

20/11-2021: The Guardian

Hot in the city: can a ban on dark roofs cool Sydney?

Experts who welcome the NSW proposal to deal with urban heat say it’s not about black or white but reflection and radiation