29/11-2021: EurekAlert

Why we must avoid temperature overshoot

A new international study coordinated by IIASA shows how near-term mitigation can help to prevent an overshoot in global temperatures, thereby reducing climate risks and bringing long-term economic gains

24/11-2021: EurekAlert

Extreme heat may affect young and middle-aged adults more than the elderly

A new study found that days of extreme heat were associated with a higher risk of emergency department visits among adults aged 18-64, compared to adults over 75

21/11-2021: The Guardian

Floods and wildfires are now normal life in small-town Canada

Locals traumatised by the scorching heat of the summer are having to rebuild their lives once again after massive flooding

10/11-2021: The Conversation

Extreme heat hurts human health. Its effects must be mitigated – urgently

Many of the temperatures presently being recorded in Africa, and those projected in the next decade, are already close to the limits of human survival, or “liveability”

10/11-2021: WMO

Climate change increases threats in South West Pacific

Sea surface temperatures and ocean heat in parts of the South-West Pacific are increasing at more than three times the global average rate

09/11-2021: The Guardian

Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report

Research from world’s top climate analysis coalition contrasts sharply with last week’s optimism

20/11-2021: The Guardian

Hot in the city: can a ban on dark roofs cool Sydney?

Experts who welcome the NSW proposal to deal with urban heat say it’s not about black or white but reflection and radiation