08/04-2022: EurekAlert

Study suggests abrupt climate change during the last ice age was controlled by CO2 levels

Abrupt global climate changes, named Dansgaard-Oeschger events, that appeared throughout the last ice age, likely depended on the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2)concentration, study shows

28/03-2022: The Conversation

Conger ice shelf has collapsed: what you need to know, according to experts

For the first time since satellites started studying the continent, East Antarctica has lost an entire ice shelf

25/03-2022: The Guardian

Satellite data shows entire Conger ice shelf has collapsed in Antarctica

Nasa scientist says complete collapse of ice shelf as big as Rome during unusually high temperatures is ‘sign of what might be coming’

11/03-2022: Nature

Antarctic sea ice hits lowest minimum on record

Natural variability is probably the cause, although global warming could have a role

10/03-2022: EurekAlert

Study: Ice flow is more sensitive to stress than previously thought

Changes to a key ice flow equation could refine estimates of sea level rise