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22/01-2021: The Conversation

Davos 2021: to achieve a ‘great reset’, we can’t count on the same old globalists to lead the way

When Joe Biden is the great hope for global change, it's hard to feel overly optimistic

16/01-2021: The Intercept

Oil Industry Reconsiders Donations to Election Deniers — but Has Its Own Big Lie

The fossil fuel industry pioneered massive political disinformation with climate denial. It also fed the “Stop the Steal” movement.

11/12-2020: The Guardian

The lottery winners giving their millions away could give lessons to CEOs

Charity can’t solve inequality, but Frances and Patrick Connolly are showing the super-rich how to use wealth for good

09/12-2020: Scientific American

Human-Made Stuff Now Outweighs All Life on Earth

The sheer scale of buildings, infrastructure and other anthropogenic objects underscores our impact on the planet

09/12-2020: The Intercept

PFAS Chemical Associated With Severe Covid-19

A Danish study found that people with elevated levels of a compound called PFBA were more than twice as likely to have a severe form of Covid-19

02/12-2020: The Intercept

Toxic PFAS Chemicals Discovered in Hundreds of Products

Climbing ropes, guitar strings, and hand sanitizer are among the newly reported uses for the toxic “forever” chemicals

19/11-2020: The Guardian

Climate activists ramp up pressure on Biden with protest outside Democratic headquarters

Climate groups plan to camp in Washington DC in protest of Biden’s hires of key staff with connections to the oil and gas industry

16/11-2020: The Intercept

Hurricane Eta Devastates Central America as U.S. Withdraws From Climate Accord

Indigenous communities in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala were among the hardest hit. Now another hurricane is arriving.