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Links til artikler

18/10-2020: The Guardian

Dying birds and the fires: scientists work to unravel a great mystery

Nobody knows precisely how wildfire smoke affects birds’ health and migratory patterns. Now, citizen birdwatchers are stepping in

08/10-2020: The Guardian

Climate denial ads on Facebook seen by millions, report finds

The ads included calling climate change a hoax and were paid for by conservative US groups

05/10-2020: The Conversation

How 10 billion people could live well by 2050 – using as much energy as we did 60 years ago

Flattening inequality between and within countries could allow everyone a good standard of living within a liveable climate.

05/10-2020: The Guardian

The Guardian's climate promise: we will keep raising the alarm

Global heating is the emergency of our times. So we are taking action to confront it

23/09-2020: The Guardian

George Monbiot: Electric cars won't solve our pollution problems – Britain needs a total transport rethink

All vehicles create carbon emissions and cause congestion. The coronavirus crisis should help us break our dependence on them


Forfatter med opråb til danskerne: 'Jeg tror stadig ikke, man fatter, hvor alvorligt det er'

Peder Frederik Jensens nye bog handler om en røvtur på Lolland. Men der er endnu mere på spil, mener forfatteren.

15/09-2020: The Intercept

Trump Scoffs at Plea to Take Climate Change Seriously Amid Fires, Mocks Science Instead

Urged to slow the planet’s warming to save lives, the president said, “I don’t think science knows, actually.”

23/08-2020: The Guardian

The Observer view on the climate catastrophe facing Earth

Thirty years ago we were warned. Now is our last chance to listen

19/08-2020: The Guardian

After two years of school strikes, the world is still in a state of climate crisis denial

We can have as many meetings as we like, but the will to change is nowhere in sight. Society must start treating this as a crisis

11/08-2020: The Guardian

'As the tundra burns, we cannot afford climate silence': a letter from the Arctic

I study the Arctic. The decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord is reprehensible – but we can’t give up hope