06/05-2022: EurekAlert

World’s ocean is losing its memory under global warming

A recent study published in Science Advances found that most of the world’s ocean is steadily losing its year-to-year memory under global warming

28/04-2022: The Guardian

Global warming risks most cataclysmic extinction of marine life in 250m years

New research warns pressures of rising heat and loss of oxygen reminiscent of ‘great dying’ that occurred about 250m years ago

14/04-2022: EurekAlert

Urgent action required to protect world’s coral reefs from disappearing within three decades, warn experts

An international team of environmental scientists have published a series of significant recommendations to protect, conserve and study the world’s coral reefs – the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ of climate change

04/02-2022: The Energy Mix

Oceans warming losing oxygen as coral reefs face new stress studies show

Climate change could be about to alter the biggest environment on the planet: the ocean

13/01-2022: The Conversation

Ocean heat is at record levels, with major consequences

While surface temperatures were about the 6th warmest on record in 2021, the upper oceans were at their hottest – and they’re a stronger indicator of global warming. A top climate scientist explains

11/01-2022: The Guardian

We study ocean temperatures. The Earth just broke a heat increase record

Last year the oceans absorbed heat equivalent to seven Hiroshima atomic bombs detonating each second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

04/01-2022: The Guardian

‘Extreme marine heatwave’: waters off Sydney set to break January temperature records

Satellite data shows ocean surface 3C above normal as swimmers say water feels more like February and March

03/12-2021: The Conversation

Plastic trash in the ocean is a global problem, and the US is the top source – a new report urges action

An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year – equivalent to dumping in a garbage truckload of it every minute. A new report calls on the US to help stem the deluge

03/12-2021: The Guardian

Shell to go ahead with seismic tests in whale breeding grounds after court win

Judgment rules company can blast sound waves in search for oil along South Africa’s eastern coastline

29/11-2021: The Guardian

‘Confronting’: Great Barrier Reef faces frequent extreme coral bleaching at 2C heating, research finds

Even if warming is kept to 1.5C, bleaching would hit more than three times a decade, study predicts

29/11-2021: EurekAlert

Climate change is making one of the world’s strongest currents flow faster

A change in the Southern Ocean, the region absorbing the most human-induced warming globally, is detected by new technology

24/11-2021: EurekAlert

Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought - Study

The Arctic Ocean has been getting warmer since the beginning of the 20th century – decades earlier than records suggest

19/11-2021: The Conversation

The ocean is essential to tackling climate change. So why has it been neglected in global climate talks?

For over a decade, the inclusion of oceans in climate talks has been piecemeal and inconsistent. And yet, the ocean is critical to help balance the conditions we need to survive