06/05-2022: Inside Climate News

‘Stripped of Everything,’ Survivors of Colorado’s Most Destructive Fire Face Slow Recoveries and a Growing Climate Threat

The winter wildfire destroyed communities, family mementos and senses of safety. Now, many who lost homes are finding insurance won’t pay enough for them to rebuild

04/05-2022: Inside Climate News

New Mexico Wildfire Prompts Calls for Urgent Climate Action

The largest active wildfire in the United States—already more than half the size of New York City and quickly growing—is forcing thousands of residents in New Mexico to evacuate their homes

24/04-2022: The Guardian

Thousands forced to flee as wildfires sweep through New Mexico

Five counties under state of emergency as high winds fan ferocious flames across US south-west

19/04-2022: The Guardian

Wildfire smoke in Pacific north-west erasing reductions in emissions – study

Billowing black smoke during wildfire disasters has caused atmospheric carbon monoxide levels to increase, scientists find

23/02-2022: The Guardian

Wildfires likely to increase by a third by 2050, warns UN

Even previously unaffected countries likely to see uncontrollable blazes, says study, which calls for shift to spending on prevention

23/01-2022: The Guardian

Big Sur wildfire causes evacuations as Harris visits state to tout federal plan

The Colorado fire grew to more than 2.3 sq miles while, earlier in the day, the vice-president outlined a response to reduce risk

07/01-2022: Inside Climate News

Colorado’s Suburban Firestorm Shows the Threat of Climate-Driven Wildfires is Moving Into Unusual Seasons and Landscapes

Backyard fences, decks and landscaping helped spread the flames through suburban neighborhoods and shopping malls baked by global warming

25/12-2021: The Guardian

What the numbers tells us about a catastrophic year of wildfires

A historic drought and record-breaking heatwaves combined to spark blazed that burned nearly 7.7m acres this year

08/12-2021: The Conversation

Australian forests will store less carbon as climate change worsens and severe fires become more common

Climate change threatens the crucial storage of carbon in Aussie forests. Victoria’s national parks alone store almost 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent

19/11-2021: The Guardian

US wildfires have killed nearly 20% of world’s giant sequoias in two years

Blazes in western US have hit thousands of Earth’s largest trees, once considered almost fire-proof

12/11-2021: The Concersation

Neurotoxins in the environment are damaging human brain health – and more frequent fires and floods may make the problem worse

Pollution from more frequent floods and wildfires – exacerbated by the warming climate – is threatening human health and poses particular risks to the brain